To understand the growth of a seed, one must first understand the environment into which it was sewn. Every grain of dirt, drop of water, and glimmer of sunlight contributes to the blossoming of a beautiful flower whose beauty runs deep through it’s roots where it’s journey first began. Founder, Queen, realized her purpose was much greater than herself and grew where she was planted through absorbing all of her experiences for the betterment of herself and those that she loves. As a result, her work and her light have bloomed into Dear Embry Consultants, LLC.

Queen was born to Denise Johnson and Eddie Stephens, Jr. in Hartford, Connecticut with her mother’s side of the family. As a child , Queen modeled herself by the inspirational words of her mother to “be the best you, you can be.” These words led her to cheerlead, join the band, become a member of the drill team, yearbook editor and a plethora of activities that attest to her leadership and love for others. Queen was raised in Hartford, Connecticut until the age of nine when her family embarked upon a pivotal chapter in her life leading her to Americus, Georgia which soon became the cornerstone of her peace. The air was fresh, the food embodied love, and the atmosphere encouraged her to reach further. After spending her adolescent years in Americus, Queen and her mother moved to Stone Mountain, Georgia where she attended high school and met an influential mentor to whom she credits one of the quotes she lives by: “It’s going to get better and it always does.” Living in the south exposed Queen to a different world through the influence of her great grandmother Annie Lou Jackson as a powerful matriarch in her home and family. From her, Queen was given her nickname “Embry” and introduced to the image of the woman and queen she would fashion her steps to become.

Queen earned her Bachelor of Arts in English from Paine College where she was active in her community through assuming numerous positions in Paine’s class council and the student government association. During her sophomore year, Queen became a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc and continued to develop her tenacious leadership skills through her role as Eta Theta Chapter’s Vice President for two consecutive terms. Queen furthered her higher education to attain an M.S.Ed. in Educational Leadership and policy with Emphasis in Higher education in 2013 from Hofstra University. After completing her graduate program, she accepted a job with the nation’s leading institution for Black women pursuing higher education in Atlanta, GA. During Queen’s time in Atlanta she became inspired to begin to develop the foundations of a financially stable lifestyle, despite her young age, and inspire other young, Black women to do the same.

Queen is the product of the values that fed her, the faith and love that covered her, and her life’s mission that paved her path to success. The mission and the hope of Dear Embry Consultants, LLC is to harness her individuality as a dynamic, knowledgeable, and inspirational woman and spread her passion for entrepreneurship to sew the seeds of future queens to come.